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General Rules and Regulations in SIPT

 The primary aim of our Institute is to make our students very punctual obedient behaviour both inside and outside class rooms, follow the discipline of high order, score ranks in academic results and win in employment prospects.


  • The students will be provided uniforms which they are required to wear on all working days except on Wednesdays and Saturdays. T-Shirts are not permitted.
  • Loitering in the campus shall not be permitted.
  • Any after hours work given to the students should be completed prior to the time specified at their residence itself.
  • Cell phones are strictly not allowed inside the campus.
  • Students are expected to attend the class regularly. Absentees without proper leave letters are liable to be fined. Leave letters shall be recommended by the parents in the case of day scholars and by the Asst. wardens in the case of Hostelites.
  • Absentees will be fined Rs. 20/- per day and Rs. 10/- per session. 
  • A student may take leave for maximum 2 days per month for proper reasons only.
  • Smoking, use of intoxicants, etc., are strictly prohibited. Any violation will result in immediate suspension or dismissal from the polytechnic.
  • Waste papers should be dropped in dustbin and all the students shall co-operate to keep the Campus, Class rooms, Veranda, etc., very clean. 
  • "Anti Ragging" is fully banned in our Institute as per AICTE & UGC norms.