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We have a full-fledged placement cell which monitors employment opportunities and arranges campus interviews for the final year students. Our campus recruitment program starts in the month of June as soon as Pre-final semester starts. It is really amazing for students to have their “Appointment Order” even before they finish their Diploma, it is happening here in SIPT.


   The following is the list of recent Recruiters of our students:

·          M/s. ITC Chennai.

·          M/s. Protol Process Control Instrumentation Pvt.Ltd, Bangalore.

·          M/s. Auto –Print Machinery Pvt.Ltd.,Coimbatore.

·          M/s. Srinivas Fine Arts Ltd., Sivakasi.

·          M/s. Standard Press (India) Pvt.Ltd.,Sivakasi.

·          M/s. Majestic Offset Printers, Sivakasi.

·          M/s. Jothi Art Calender, Sivakasi.

·          M/s. Coronation Security Printers Pvt.Ltd, Sivakasi.

·          M/s. Madan Cards, Sivakasi.

·          M/s. VI Microsystems (P) Ltd., Chennai.

·          M/s. HCL Info systems, Pondicherry.

·          M/s.  BEHR India Ltd., Pune.

·          M/s.  Dhinakaran, Madurai.

·          M/s.  Sai Packaging, Bangalore.

·          M/s. Century Offset Printers, Sivakasi.

·          M/s. The Nadar Press Ltd., Sivakasi.

·          M/s .Pattabi Enterprises, Mysore.

·          M/s .Sel-Jegat Foil Embossers, Sivakasi.

·          M/s .Shree Mediks, Sivakasi.

·          M/s. Lucas TVS,Pondicherry.

·          M/s. Trimurthi Groups,Bangalore.

·          M/s. Sakthi Automoblies, Erode.

·          M/s. Safire Printograph, Chennai.

·          M/s. Sai BPO Services, Madurai.

·          M/s.TVS VAPCO Chennai.

·          M/s. Versatile Cards Technology Pvt. Ltd., Chennai.

·          M/s. Orson Typographs, Sivakasi.

·          M/s. Lovely Offset Printers Pvt. Ltd., Sivakasi.

·          M/s. MK Auto Component India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai.

·          M/s. Zoho Corporation, Chennai.

·          M/s. Eswari Picture Mart. Sivakasi.

·          M/s. Brakes India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai.

·          M/s. TVS Fasteners, Chennai.

·          M/s. Larsen & Toubro, Coimbatore.

·          M/s. TNQ Books & Journals, Pvt. Ltd., Chennai.

·          M/s. Valeo Lighting Systems Pvt. Ltd., Chennai.

·          M/s. Eureka Forbes Ltd., Chennai.

·          M/s. Ford India Ltd., Chennai.

·          M/s. Emirates Printing Press, Dubai.

·          M/s. Perfetti Van Melle India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai.

·          M/s. Wind Care India Pvt., Ltd., Tirupur. 

Campus Interview








Ø The ON-campus recruitment program keeps continuing till the end of their final semester and then we help our students by arranging off campus Interview too.

Ø  We do not encourage students who are already placed through campus selection to attend further interviews. Our management has a strong policy decision not to encourage the companies doing Education and Training activities to attract the students in the name of placement orders, by insisting them to do some course in their organization by paying money.

Ø  We are very proud to inform that we have achieved 100% placement for the last four years from 2011 to 2014 to all our Diploma Engineers in various cadres not only in India but also in abroad companies with high salary.