In today’s fast changing technological world, it is compulsory for an Engineering student to undergo Industrial Training. The purpose of 6 months Industrial Training is to prepare Engineers for the corporate world as with the help of this training, a student becomes familiar with the working atmosphere of the industry. Moreover, Industrial Training enhances a student’s leadership ability and confidence and they perform the given task more efficiently. Industrial Training also makes it possible for students to apply the theoretical concepts that they have studied in real life scenario.


Resume is the first impression of any candidate when they appear for any interview. The most important traits can be located in the CV itself by the HR, and based on that they try to analyse the candidate. A good CV should showcase more of your strengths and less of your limitations in front of the employer. A candidate is seldom aware of this when they appear for an interview, so we make sure their profiles are well designed and content wise accurate, leaving no space for any loose points for the HR to reject our alumni.


With the support and guidance of our mentors and industry experienced trainers, we organize mock interviews for our students so that they get a feel of the real time scenarios and can understand their weaknesses and nervous points. The mock interviews may include HR round, technical round, written tests, and management round with complete evaluation of the technical, behaviour, as well as communication skills of the candidate

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